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Henry McHenry

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I so enjoyed reading to the classes at Schavey Road Elementary for March Is Reading Month! As a result, I sold out of both Darcy is Worried and Owen's Seasons! Thanks to all of you for your amazing support. You can still order copies of Henry McHenry but they are going fast! My next book is...

Wonderful story with fun illustrations, I highly recommend.

Melodie Lee, retired guest teacher for elementary students. Julie Schafer, so excited for you. My kids LOVE the books! I am so proud of you and I really loved Owen! Well done! David Thornton, Home Health Care Director Stella, our grandkids love your stories and so do we! Don and Rosemary Ash
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About Me and PaddyKate's

Darcy is the first book that I wrote and published but not my first or my last story to share. My second book, Owen's Seasons is a very sweet story about the life of a tiny oak leaf and the garden he lives in. It is a wonderful way to teach children about the seasons, the weather and how to find joy in a garden. My third book is titled Henry McHenry. A family of baby bunnies was born in my front garden last spring and they were so adorable I just had to write about them! I want to take a moment to give a huge Thank You to my illustrator, Joshua Wichterich. He is quite simply amazing! He takes my stories and brings them to life and is a big part of bringing my dream of writing and publishing to where we are today.
I have held many jobs in my working career but my most favorite is being a mom and a grandma who goes by "Gommy". I grew up in the deep south where stories are shared and added to and enjoyed by families on porches and back yards on hot summer evenings. I live in a small town in Michigan and have been a substitute teacher in elementary schools for over 15 years. About two years ago, I started reading them to my students who seemed to like them and asked for them to be retold often. When the pandemic hit our state I was teaching and none of us had any idea how this would change our world or the world that our children are living in. I had always wanted to see if I could write a book for children and now I've just published my third one! We all need to remember that wishes and hopes can come true if we just keep trying. I'm told that my stories make children happy and that is enough for me. My sincere thanks to everyone who has supported me in making this wish come true.
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Contact Me

I work out of my home and gardens and can be contacted as shown below. If I'm not writing, I'm gardening or making a new quilt! My third book, Henry McHenry is here finally and can be ordered now. As always, I will take care of all shipping and taxes. I continue to read my stories to my students at the elementary schools here in DeWitt, they love the stories and like calling me an author! Thanks again for your feedback and for your support, you are all wonderful.
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DeWitt, MI
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Daily 9a.m. till 6p.m.

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